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Tips for ultra triathlon racing in Siberia

Tips for ultra triathlon racing in Siberia


Fancy doing an ultra triathlon race? Here we have some practical tips from Nuppu Hepo-Oja, the first female Siberman in the world. 

Siberman 515 ultra triathlon race passes along unique Siberian locations, the Sayan mountains, the steppes of Khakassia, and real Siberian taiga. The distances are

Day 1: 10 km swim + 145 km bike

Day 2: 276 km bike

Day 3: 84 km run

The 2019 event was the fourth time the competition was held and Hepo-Oja became the first female finisher in the race’s history. Here’s  how she went about it:

1. Make a vision and goal for yourself

It always starts with that something. You know when you get that feeling and you just have to listen to your inner voice. Summer 2018 I saw a Instagram photo from Siberman race. And I instantly knew that it is a race I must do.

Remember it really doesn’t matter what other people think of the distance or how hard the challenge might be. This is your goal!

2. Believe in yourself

There will be struggles along the way.  Here are some examples of my Siberman journey: My cycling shoe broke just as I was starting the 421 km bike ride. Next up was a flat tyre. Then I got three bee stings going downhill at the speed of 50 km/h. I had some stomach pains and low energy levels on the third morning of the race because it was hard to get any vegetarian food (for a non-Russian speaker). Remember the goal, pain is just temporary.


3. Work, work

It will take a lot of training hours, pain, sweat and tough moments. Make the vision and goal clear to yourself. Visualize on your mind how it will feel when you have done the challenge.  It feels good, doesn’t it?  I did 350 hours training for this race, from the beginning of 2019. 


4. Team work

People want to help and they will if you just let them. Kindness and goodwill are global assets. Your job is to remember to thank the people who aid you. Be kind for everybody and the good karma will follow. My Siberman team was super:

Arina: Translator - Social media - Team captain

Artem: Driver - Mechanic - Russian pro-triathlete 

Dad: Handyman - Photographer.

Mom: It’s so much easier to speak in your mother tongue when you are tired as hell. And have a person who can back up anything.  

5. Energy

You can’t let your energy levels drop at any point. Energy gel mixed with water is a fast and easy way to get it going.

Some athletes wonder why I don’t eat almost anything during race days. For me, it works. Liquid energy is easier to digest for my stomach. 


6. Remember to reward yourself.

To me, the reward after the Siberman race was my first airport lounge experience in Moscow airport. Complete with a massage chair and some sparkling wine.

Believe your (sport) dreams, 

Nuppu - Instagram: @nuppuo 

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