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Protein Bites pack a punch

Protein Bites pack a punch

Full of plant-based protein and gut-friendly energy, Nosht Salted Protein Bites are perfect for long adventures or as a healthy snack in everyday life. 

Protein Bites are one of our first and most beloved products. They were developed to match a need for stomach-friendly, slow-release energy in an easy-to-eat format. Since most of the energy and protein bars on the market are made of dates that can cause stomach issues or are full of artificial ingredients, we decided to do something different and opted for protein bites in a bag: more energy, a variety of real flavours, less waste.

Like all Nosht products, the Protein Bites are plant-based, gluten-free and provide plenty of gut-friendly energy whether you’re out and about or just need a healthy snack on the go. The bites are high in natural electrolytes and include 15 grams of protein per 100 grams. 


Great Source of Energy – No time for a sit-down snack but need a quick energy boost that keeps you feeling full and nourished for longer? Packed with healthy nutrients that work with your gut, Protein Bites are the superior alternative to fast-food snacks. When hunger pangs strike, just a few bites will keep you feeling satisfied while supplying plant-based energy.

Perfect Fuel Any Time You Need a Healthy Pick-me-up – For endurance training, long car trips, in-between meals, as a healthy late night or after-school snack, or simply when you want to boost mental or physical performance.

Provides Salt & Electrolytes – Whether you’re going to the gym, hiking, running or cycling, our Protein Bites can reinfuse the body with electrolytes that you’ve lost while sweating. 

Aids in Gut Health – Made with low-FODMAP, high-quality, whole food ingredients, our Protein Bites won’t cause stomach distress. Quite the opposite, combined with a low-FODMAP diet, Nosht bites can help improve digestion.

Plenty of Plant-Based Protein and Energy – 100% vegan protein from peas, brown rice and nuts.  Free of gluten, dairy, soy protein and chemical preservatives. No genetically modified ingredients. Each 180g bag holds the equivalent of four to five energy or protein bars. 

Three unique flavours

In our Assorted Flavours bag includes three awesome flavours: Thai Sweet Chilli, Red Berries and Yellow Fruits!

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